Sharing healthcare data in times of corona

The sharing of care data between care providers is often not easy under the present special circumstances. That is why the CareCodex Foundation points to its exchange platform A secure platform on which care providers can share data about their clients. This platform is a temporary exchange platform that was made available to care providers free of charge in the spring.

The fight against the coronavirus puts a lot of pressure on health care and regular care is postponed again whenever possible. This can make the timely and careful sharing of care data difficult.

"During the first wave, we asked our team at VIPP Babyconnect to approach parties who could put in place a solid exchange platform in a very short time. From various suppliers such as ITvisors and Intersystems we received the offer to realise this quickly. We succeeded. The exchange platform that was created is still available," says Sonia Jennings, director of the CareCodex Foundation.
Via a care provider can share data with other care providers by uploading and downloading documents via a secure platform. No costs are charged for the use of this platform, except for the costs of using your own mobile phone and 7.6 eurocent per text message for a secure login.

Data sharing is subject to legal requirements, including two-factor authentication and consent from the client and/or the care relationship with the client. The website uses E-Zorg's Well Managed Care network, which a large number of pharmacies and hospitals are already using. The exchange platform was made possible by the ZonMw scheme 'Creative solutions to tackle coronavirus (COVID-19)'.

Would you like to start using the exchange platform immediately because of the corona crisis? Please contact: or 085 301 54 19.

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