CareCodex Foundation is CRKBO registered.

CareCodex Foundation, which implements VIPP-Babyconnect, complies with the quality code for training institutes for short professional education and was audited in March based on the CRKBO quality standards. With this, CareCodex Foundation is registered. What does this mean exactly?

What is CRKBO?

CRKBO stands for Central Short Register for Professional Education and the register includes institutions that comply with the quality code for training institutions for short professional education.
The CRKBO standards and conditions are drawn up by the Centre for Post Initial Education Netherlands (CPION). The CPION is an independent organisation with a great deal of experience in the field of testing the content of training courses in the Netherlands. The registration at the CRKBO is important for the CareCodex Foundation, because various training courses are offered and with this we comply with the quality standards.

What does a CRKBO registration entail?

The CRKBO quality audit focuses on the principles of the quality code for short professional education:
1. principle of due care
2. principle of legal certainty
3. principle of familiarity
4. principle of reasonableness
5. principle of reliability

These have been translated into requirements around topics:
1. organisation
2. teachers
3. information
4. contract & Terms of Payment and Delivery
5. implementation
6. examining
7. complaints procedure

CareCodex Foundation thus meets the "strict" quality standards set by CPION and has been approved for registration in the CRKBO quality register. All parts of the audit must be positive in order to qualify for CRKBO registration. Herewith an example of an audit form. For this registration, among other things, the general terms and conditions and the complaints procedure have been drawn up. Finally, with this registration CareCodex Foundation is also exempt from VAT.
For more information on quality standards and procedures, please visit the CRKBO website.

VIPP Babyconnect

VIPP Babyconnect is an acceleration programme for information exchange between patient and professional for institutions in the field of birth care. The program is implemented by Foundation CareCodex. VIPP Babyconnect offers support in various areas for regional partnerships, VSV's/IGO's or individuals. Our offer consists of (customized) trainings, modules, but also various meetings. An example is the basic training in digital data exchange, in which participants get more general background information about digital data exchange in birth care. How do you do it? How can you tackle this and what does it mean for your work? These are some of the questions that this training course addresses in depth. Are you curious about the trainings and meetings which VIPP Babyconnect offers? Then take a look at our support page on the website of VIPP Babyconnect.