General terms and conditions for participation in training courses and workshops CareCodex Foundation

Version: 0.1 (January 2020)


The CareCodex Foundation aims to improve healthcare in the Netherlands and beyond by enabling transparent, secure, digital information exchange between healthcare providers and clients/patients. Babyconnect is the national action program of the Dutch birth care and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, implemented by CareCodex Foundation. The goal is seamless care for mother and child(ren) around pregnancy and birth, including the transfer to other care providers of the client and her child, including youth health care, pediatrician and family doctor.

Babyconnect supports the regions in all preconditions and developments that are necessary for regions to realise digital data exchange. To this end, Babyconnect organizes trainings, information meetings and workshops on the Babyconnect programme. When participating in these trainings and workshops, the following terms and conditions apply.

By participating in these training sessions and workshops, the participant agrees to these general terms and conditions.


  • A participant can register for a training course or workshop by registering via the registration button on the website
  • The participant shall provide correct and complete data in the application. If the participant does not comply with this obligation, he/she is personally responsible for this.
  • Registrations are registered in order of receipt until the maximum number of participants for the training course or workshop has been reached. This maximum number is is indicated in the information about the training/workshop.
  • If there are enough places available, thehe participant will receive an e-mail confirming his registration.
  • In case of insufficient participants or illness of the trainer and no replacement possibleCareCodex Foundation can move the training to another date or cancel it. The participant will be informed as soon as possible. CareCodex Foundation is committed endeavors to offer a suitable alternative for the cancelled training or workshop.

Sign off

  • For training or workshops the participant is entitled to a cooling-off period of 14 days.
  • If the participant wishes to cancel a training course or workshop, he/she should do so at least five working days before the relevant training course or workshop by sending an e-mail to
  • When a participant is unable to participate in the training, a substitute participant can be offered after consultation with the CareCodex Foundation. Also for this substitute these general terms and conditions apply.
  • CareCodex Foundation reserves the right to charge a fee of € 50.00 to the participant in case of non-appearance without giving any reason.

Method of participation in the training or workshop

  • Every participant is expected to treat the trainer, the other participants, the training location with respect.the training location and the material.
  • The CareCodex Foundation cannot be held liable in any way for the behaviour of participants and the resulting consequences.
  • The participant follows always the (safety)s) instructions of the trainer.
  • If a training course consists of several meetings, the participant is expected to attend all the meetings..

Training location

  • CareCodex Foundation provides an adequate training location and training materials.


  • The training or workshop is free of charge for the participant.
  • The participant in a training course or workshop will not receive onreimbursement of expenses from sCareCodex Foundation neither for the time spent on training nor for travel costs.
  • The participants do not receive accreditation.

Intellectual property

  • All information and (training) material provided to participants for the purpose of the training course is and remains the property of sCareCodex Foundation and is exclusively intended for personal use of the participant or his/her organisation.
  • The information and the (Training) materials may not be reproduced and/or made public in any way without the prior written consent of sCareCodex Foundation.


Confidential or privacy-sensitive Information that is exchanged during the training will be treated confidentially by CareCodex Foundation and the participants.

Reporting of comments or complaints

An objection or complaint about the organisation or content of a training or workshop, must be by the participant the trainer directly. must be made known by the participant directly to the trainer.. The trainer strives to as quickly as possible come to a solution as quickly as possible. If this is not satisfactorily dealt with, we refer you to the complaints procedure on the website.

Amendment of general training conditions

CareCodex Foundation reserves the right to modify and/or supplement these general training conditions. These are published on the website.