Full, good and correct information at the right time is very important in providing good care. Everyone will therefore have readable access to his or her medical data. He or she will decide which healthcare provider is allowed to view the data and will be able to see who has seen the data.

All systems will provide the data in a structured manner, so that it can be combined into readable and comprehensible information, for the healthcare providers among themselves but especially for the client/patient. Care providers who have permission from the client and have a treatment relationship with the client can view data that is relevant to the treatment at any time.

The client/patient is informed about the future care steps with animation and text. He or she can also add data themselves.

The client is in full control of his or her data and can be confident that the data is safely managed and that his or her privacy is guaranteed.


We see it as our mission to develop agreements and methods for sharing medical data. We do this with the CareCodex Foundation by establishing agreements on the unity of language for the correct sharing of data, and by realising methods for translating such data correctly into that unity of language. In this way, we can assist software suppliers who are not yet able to provide data in a structured manner.

Carecodex supports parties in arriving at workable solutions that are widely supported, vendor-independent, that place access to data with independent, non-commercial parties, and that leave control of this data with the citizens themselves.

In addition, we want to develop conditions and methods that ensure data security, data privacy and the control thereof for individual citizens and clients.


Our vision and mission are the goals we set for ourselves:

  • The CareCodex Foundation wants to ensure legal security of data privacy.
  • The CareCodex Foundation wants to stimulate and facilitate overarching accessibility of data for care providers and clients, with the control of the client.
  • The CareCodex Foundation wants to develop connections for sharing information together with keypartner(s).
  • The CareCodex Foundation wants to stimulate and facilitate innovation for the further development of information exchange systems.
  • The CareCodex Foundation wants to facilitate speed and progress of innovation in combination with connection to standards and quality assurance.
  • The CareCodex Foundation wants to contribute to the realisation of control in the right place.
  • CareCodex Foundation wants to provide training and education for data support and data security.
  • The CareCodex Foundation wants to cooperate with and promote scientific research in the fields relevant to us.
  • The CareCodex Foundation wants to stimulate and support purchasing power and knowledge and strong and effective customer behaviour of end users towards suppliers and service providers.

The ultimate goal: a regional, district-oriented and care-wide orientation.