The board of the CareCodex Foundation consists of Dorine Veldhuyzen and Sonia Jennings.

Dorine Veldhuyzen - Managing Director/Chairman of the Executive Board

For years, both healthcare providers and pregnant clients have expressed the desire to share relevant information - digitally. That is why Dorine Veldhuyzen from Talmor in collaboration with De Verbinding started the initiative for an integral file for birth care. In 2015, she started an investigation into the status of the PWD (Digital Data Exchange in Perinatal Care) and the possibilities for an integral file for birth care.

Talmor transferred its operations to the CareCodex Foundation in March 2017 after which Dorine became a director of the CareCodex Foundation.

Sonia Jennings - Director of Carecodex

Sonia Jennings has many years of experience as a director and advisor in primary health care, including birth care. She specialises in finance, organisational change and mediation.

Sonia joined the CareCodex Foundation Board of Directors on 1 August 2019.

Toon Wezenberg is the lead architect, the technical man at Carecodex.

Toon Wezenberg

After his training as a precision mechanic, Toon Wezenberg began to study business administration and logistics, and in particular the optimisation and automation of processes with various systems (ERP, CRM, CAD, DMS). After working at various companies in the industry, he became interested in business processes in the healthcare sector.

Since 2014, Toon has been working in partnership de Verbinding and applies his knowledge and experience from the industry to healthcare. In this, he focuses among other things on research, development and advice around information provision in healthcare.

He has conducted research into the desired data exchange in birth care. Based on the results of this research, he has developed a working method for this. This method is based entirely on existing methods and standards and can be applied to the entire health care system.

The CareCodex Foundation sees this method as the best solution for data exchange in healthcare with a guarantee for data security and data privacy. As an ambassador for the CareCodex Foundation, Toon continues to promote and expand the method.